Hyphenated: Episode 2

Hyphen journalists and guests discuss Diane Abbott’s suspension —plus architect Shahed Saleem on Islamic architecture in the UK

Shahed Saleem Ola Labib Fadah Jassem Hyphenated Podcast

In this episode, our panel of guests reviews the week’s news. Hyphen assistant editor Hussein Kesvani, journalist Fadah Jassem, who specialises in AI and the MENA region and comedian Ola Labib, discuss Diane Abbott’s racism row and look at how social media platforms like Twitter are helping save lives in war-torn Sudan. 

Plus, why are some people seemingly incapable of pronouncing Muslim names?

Later, architect Shahed Saleem on the importance of his Ramadan Pavilion at the Victoria & Albert museum in London, and what he has learned about Islamic architecture after  decades of building mosques in the UK.

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