Hyphenated: Episode 29

Rishi Sunak’s surprise reshuffle and cookbook author Dina Begum on sharing her love of Bangladeshi cuisine

Photography courtesy of Professor Habib Naqvi (left), Dina Begum (centre), Shaista Aziz(right)
Photography courtesy of Professor Habib Naqvi (left), Dina Begum (centre), Shaista Aziz (right)

This week, Hyphen assistant editor Husna Rizvi and former Labour councillor Shaista Aziz discuss Suella Braverman’s sacking and former prime minister David Cameron’s return to politics in a surprise UK government reshuffle following London’s largest Palestine solidarity march. The panel is also joined by the NHS Race and Health Observatory’s chief executive Professor Habib Naqvi in a week that saw a record NHS backlog revealed and the ditching of the Mental Health Bill in the King’s speech. Sparked by the start of the Christmas TV advert season, our panel also share their unconventional festive food choices.

Host Reya El-Salahi chats to the food writer Dina Begum about celebrating the cuisine and culinary traditions of her homeland in her new cookbook Made in Bangladesh.

Plus, journalist Samira Shackle explores the moral maze of biological treatments for Muslims struggling with fertility.

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