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Hyphen is a unique online destination, focusing on issues important to Muslims across the UK and Europe. As these communities — both long-established and emerging — play an ever greater role in shaping the cultural, political and economic landscape of our societies, Hyphen aims to create a meeting place for Muslims and non-Muslims, where ideas are exchanged and connections are made.

We believe that the best way to do that is through insightful journalism, delivered in text, audio and video. Our coverage ranges from longform reportage and in-depth investigations, to commentary and the latest arts and lifestyle coverage, all brought to you by a talented team of staff and freelance writers across the UK and Europe.

We hope you enjoy our work and want you to join the conversation. If you have story ideas, tips or just want to get in touch, send us an email at info@hyphenonline.com.

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For all editorial queries, please email info@hyphenonline.com.


At Hyphen, we seek accuracy in all our reporting. If there is a mistake in a story, please email corrections@hyphenonline.com and an editor will amend the story as soon as it is confirmed. We will also indicate when texts have been altered for correction.


We’re hiring!

We need digital journalists who can combine in-depth reporting and vivid storytelling to engage a diverse, intelligent and forward-thinking readership.

For the right candidates, we offer competitive rates and flexible working opportunities across the full journalistic spectrum, including news reporting, feature writing, long reads and audio-visual content.


Reporters (Base: Manchester or Liverpool | Glasgow or Edinburgh)
Multimedia Producers
Social Media & Audience Development Manager

Applicants should email a CV, cover letter and relevant examples of their work to jobs@hyphenonline.com.

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