Hyphenated: Episode 30

UK MPs voting against calling for a ceasefire in Gaza is on our agenda this week. Plus, a look at the Black Muslim halal dating scene

Photography courtesy of Taj Ali (left), Shehab Khan (centre), Dimi Reider (right)
Photography courtesy of Taj Ali (left), Shehab Khan (centre), Julie Siddiqi (right)

This week, journalist and Hyphen contributor Taj Ali, ITV News political correspondent Shehab Khan and Dimi Reider, an Israeli journalist and co-founder of +972 magazine, discuss the fallout from UK MPs voting against calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, Britain’s failed Rwanda immigration plan and new research suggesting religious Britons are significantly happier than atheists.

Host Reya El-Salahi chats to Julie Siddiqi, the co-founder of Nisa-Nashim, about the challenges of being an interfaith activist during the Israel-Palestine conflict and being a critical friend in the fight against gender inequality in mosques.

Plus, Hyphen reporter Aisha Rimi explores the rise of halal dating opportunities for Black British Muslims.

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