Hyphenated: Episode 24

We’re at the Labour party conference this week, discussing Keir Starmer’s leadership, escalating violence in the Middle East, and David Beckham’s Netflix documentary. Plus, Professor Sunny Singh on her new book A Bollywood State of Mind.

Hyphenated podcast guests: Photographs courtesy of Harun Musho'd (left), Sunny Singh (centre), Peymana Assad (right)
Photographs courtesy of Harun Musho’d (left), Sunny Singh (centre), Peymana Assad (right)

We’re at the Labour conference in Liverpool for this episode with the leader of the party’s Foreign Policy Group, Harrow councillor Peymana Assad. Hyphen editor Burhan Wazir and political stand-up comedian Harun Musho’d also join this week’s panel to reflect on Keir Starmer’s leadership, and what the Labour party stands for, escalating violence in the Middle East, and what it means to be working class in Britain today — a key theme in Starmer’s speech — and a viral clip from David Beckham’s new Netflix documentary.

Host Reya El-Salahi chats to author Professor Sunny Singh about her love of Indian cinema, Muslim representation on the big screen and not being afraid to speak her mind, ahead of the release of her new book A Bollywood State of Mind.

Plus, Hyphen reporter Aisha Rimi investigates the informal money-management schemes many Muslim women bank on.

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