Hyphenated: Episode 16

This week, our panellists discuss the debanking of British Muslims and the controversial expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone. Plus, Dr Shabna Begum on the gentrification of Brick Lane.

Hyphenated podcast guests; Dr Imad Ahmed (left), Dr Shabna Begum (centre), Dr Laura Jones (right)
Photographs courtesy of Dr Imad Ahmed (left), Dr Shabna Begum (centre), Dr Laura Jones (right)

Hyphen assistant editor Hussein Kesvani, Dr Laura Jones of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and the author and government climate advisor Dr Imad Ahmed discuss how London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone is reshaping politics. We also pay tribute to Sinéad O’Connor and explore how Muslim converts are represented in the media.

Host Reya El-Salahi talks to Dr Shabna Begum about her book From Sylhet to Spitalfields, and gives her tips for the best food in Banglatown.

Plus, Hafsa Lodi on how young Muslims became sneakerheads.

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