Hyphenated: Episode 13

We discuss Keir Starmer’s recent drive to improve children’s public speaking skills and debate whether climate activists are helping or hindering their cause. Plus, should you Thread?

Hyphenated podcast guests; Ola Labib (left), Fahima Mahomed (centre), Kae Kurd (right)
Photographs courtesy of Ola Labib (left), Fahima Mahomed (centre), Kae Kurd (right)

This week, Hyphen commissioning editor Samir Jeraj, comedian Ola Labib, and broadcaster Fahima Mahomed discuss Labour’s plan to make speaking skills a core part of England’s education system and whether Mark Zuckerberg’s “Twitter killer” new social media app is worth the hype.

Host Reya El-Salahi talks to British Kurdish comedian Kae Kurd about Rosie Jones and cancel culture, and why you won’t find any members of his family attending his upcoming Kurd Immunity tour.

Plus, Hyphen journalist Saman Javed explains how the cost of living crisis is affecting British Muslim weddings.

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