Hyphenated: Episode 15

This week, where do we stand on the ‘Barbenheimer’ phenomenon and one of Britain’s youngest imams tells us about challenging stereotypes about Islam

Hyphenated podcast guests; Mohammad Zaheer (left), Shafi Musaddique (centre), Sabah Ahmedi (right)
Photographs courtesy of Mohammad Zaheer (left), Shafi Musaddique (centre), Sabah Ahmedi (right)

This week, Hyphen’s Europe commissioning editor Phoebe Greenwood, academic and journalist Mohammad Zaheer and journalist Shafi Musaddique discuss Europe’s heatwave, a new report by Tell MAMA detailing a decade of anti-Muslim hate. Plus, how new films Barbie and Oppenheimer reignited our love of cinema.

Host Reya El-Salahi talks to Sabah Ahmedi about being one of Britain’s youngest Imams and his mission to challenge misconceptions about Islam on social media. 

Plus, Hyphen writer Jessica Bateman on how one man took on anti-mosque campaigners in Harrogate and won.

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