Hyphenated: Episode 23

Our panel are at the Tory party conference this week, discussing Suella Braverman’s comments on multiculturalism and the latest controversy engulfing GB News. Plus, Momtaza Mehri shares a new work commissioned by Hyphen for National Poetry Day.

Hyphenated podcast. Photographs courtesy of Naveed Asghar (left), Mohamed-Zain Dada (centre), Fahima Mahomed (right)
Photographs courtesy of Naveed Asghar (left), Mohamed-Zain Dada/Johan Persson (centre), Fahima Mahomed (right)

This week we’re at the Tory party conference in Manchester with the Conservative Muslim Forum’s Deputy Chair Naveed Asghar, joined by the Estonia-based journalist and Hyphen contributor Shafi Musaddique and broadcaster and commentator Fahima Mahomed. Our panel discuss Suella Braverman’s controversial comments on multiculturalism, whether the right-leaning British TV channel GB News should shut down in the wake of a sexism row, and our favourite natural landmarks, prompted by the felling of Britain’s Sycamore Gap Tree.

Host Reya El-Salahi chats to playwright Mohamed-Zain Dada about his debut play Blue Mist.

Plus, in honour of National Poetry Day, the British-Somali poet Momtaza Mehri shares a new poem on the theme of refuge, commissioned exclusively for Hyphen.

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