Hyphenated: Episode 5

Hyphen journalists and guests discuss the ongoing fallout from the government’s controversial Illegal Migration Bill — plus how Muslim women are breaking barriers in the field of sport

Hyphenated podcast guests: Yashmin Harun, Shaista Aziz, Shafi Musaddique
Photographs courtesy of Yashmin Harun (left), Shafi Musaddique (centre), Shaista Aziz (right)

This week, Yashmin Harun BEM the founder of Muslimah Sports Association joins host Reya El-Salahi to talk about challenging stereotypes in sport.

Plus our panel reviews the week’s news. Hyphen reporter Saman Javed, anti-racism campaigner Shaista Aziz and journalist Shafi Musaddique discuss the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent criticism of the Illegal Migration Bill, the government’s plans to prevent public bodies from boycotting Israel. And for mental health awareness week, we look at why rest is radical for a generation of Muslims.

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