Hyphenated: Episode 17

This week a former Danish Muslim politician discusses the dilemma over plans to ban Qur’an burning in the Nordic country. Plus, our panel of four Muslim comedians share their experiences of performing in Edinburgh

Hyphenated podcast guests: Leila Navabi, Mustafa Algiyadi, Sharlin Jahan, Harun Musho'd, and Özlem Cekic
Photographs courtesy of (from left to right): Leila Navabi, Mustafa Algiyadi, Sharlin Jahan, Harun Musho’d

Should freedom of speech extend to burning books? One of Denmark’s first Muslim politicians, Özlem Cekic, talks to host Reya El-Salahi on this week’s podcast about how this stern test of liberal democratic ideals is playing out against a backdrop of angry condemnation across the Muslim world.

Comedians Mustafa Algiyadi, Sharlin Jahan, Harun Musho’d and Leila Navabi join a special Edinburgh 2023 panel to discuss the highs and lows of performing at the world’s biggest arts festival, and whether posting crying selfies online is the best way to market a show.

Plus, Hussein Kesvani meets the Muslim Redditors doomscrolling their way to a spiritual crisis.

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