Hyphenated: Episode 20

This week our panel looks beyond the headlines on stories including anti-Muslim violence in India and the impact of France’s abaya ban. Plus, Hyphen’s Hussein Kesvani on the big bidet takeover.

Hyphenated podcast. Photographs courtesy of Akeela Ahmed (left), Remona Aly (centre), Burhan Wazir (right)
Photographs courtesy of Akeela Ahmed (left), Remona Aly (centre), Burhan Wazir (right)

This week, Hyphen Editor Burhan Wazir, equalities campaigner and She Speaks We Hear founder Akeela Ahmed, and journalist Remona Aly join host Reya El-Salahi to discuss anti-Muslim violence in India following the G20 summit, the wider impact of France’s abaya ban, and Thailand’s plan to become a top Muslim-friendly holiday destination. From inedible food to anxiety-inducing airport security, our panel shares their most memorable trips abroad.

Plus, Hyphen journalist Hussein Kesvani investigates the big bidet takeover.

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