Hyphenated: Episode 9

Hyphen journalists and guests discuss how British politicians deal with Islamophobia and we interview Nimco Ali OBE about feminism and family

Hyphenated podcast guests: Dr Aurelien Mondon (left), Nimco Ali OBE (centre), Jennifer Ogunyemi (right)
Photographs courtesy of Dr Aurelien Mondon (left), Nimco Ali OBE (centre), Jennifer Ogunyemi (right)

This week, Hyphen journalist and foreign correspondent Shamim Chowdhury, academic Dr Aurelien Mondon and Sisters in Business founder Jennifer Ogunyemi discuss a perceived double standard in British politics towards Islamophobia, the coverage of an horrific knife attack on children in the French Alps and new research into British Muslims charitable tendencies.

Host Reya El-Salahi talks to Nimco Ali OBE about feminism, family and how being a secular Muslim informs her activism. 

Plus, Hyphen journalist Taj Ali previews his latest article exploring the modern day lessons of Malcolm X’s visit to the Midlands in 1965.

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