Hyphenated: Episode 22

This week our panel assess what the Liberal Democrats offer Muslims and discuss the ongoing debate about definitions of Islamophobia. Plus, travel blogger Yara Abdelsamie on travelling solo and the best European destinations for Muslim women

Hyphenated podcast. Photographs courtesy of Mohammed Amin (left), Yara Abdelsamie (centre), Sharmeen Ziauddin (right)
Photographs courtesy of Mohammed Amin (left), Yara Abdelsamie (centre), Sharmeen Ziauddin (right)

As the UK party conference season gets underway, Hyphen assistant editor Husna Rizvi, Liberal Democrat member and former chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum Mohammed Amin, and host of the She Speaks We Hear podcast Sharmeen Ziauddin discuss what the Lib Dems offer Muslim voters; a new report from rightwing thinktank Civitas criticising the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims’ definition of Islamophobia, and Muslim representations in art sparked by what is believed to be the world’s first sculpture celebrating women who wear hijabs.

Host Reya El-Salahi chats to travel blogger Yara Abdelsamie about challenging misconceptions about Muslim women through her love of solo travel, the European destinations she recommends and the city she advises hijabis to avoid. 

Plus, journalist David Plaisant explores what Rome’s Grand Mosque can teach Italy about integration.

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