Hyphenated: Episode 6

Hyphen journalists and guests discuss home secretary Suella Braverman’s recent criticism of multiculturalism — plus, we talk to a Muslim activist about her work on climate injustice.

Hyphenated podcast guests: Diana Hysenaj, Taj Ali, Ali Miraj
Photographs courtesy of Diana Hysenaj (left), Taj Ali (centre), Ali Miraj (right)

On this week’s episode, climate activist Diana Hysenaj joins host Reya El-Salahi to talk about inclusivity and encouraging Muslims around the world to join the conversation on climate injustice as part of the Two Billion Strong campaign.

Plus our panel discusses the week’s news. Hyphen writer Taj Ali and political commentator Ali Miraj debate the significance of seeing Rishi Sunak, Britain’s first prime minister of South Asian descent on the global stage at the G7 summit and the latest instalment of the never-ending political debate about multiculturalism in the UK.

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