Hyphenated: Episode 4

Hyphen journalists and guests discuss the impact of the UK’s new anti-protest laws on British Muslims — plus an in-depth look at a major new study on digital Islam

Hyphenated podcast guests: Samir Jeraj, Arub Syed, Professor Gary Bunt
Photographs courtesy of Samir Jeraj (left), Arub Syed (centre), Professor Gary Bunt (right)

In our latest episode, Hyphen commissioning editor Samir Jeraj and freelance journalist Arub Syed discuss the UK’s new anti-protest laws, and whether the banning of hoodies in a British town centre could pose a problem for some Muslim women.

Plus: Gary Bunt, Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David,  joins host Reya El-Salahi to discuss his new project examining how online spaces are influencing the ways in which British Muslims view themselves. 

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