5 Muslim podcasts you should listen to

From martial arts to relationships and current affairs, an array of engaging shows is available at the click of a button

Selective focus of mouth of young smiling women recording podcast and doing live streaming using microphone and headphones in recording studio
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What Netflix and other streaming services are to TV, podcasts have become to radio. Now a range of talk shows, interviews and investigations are available on demand at the swipe of a screen. Over the past few years a growing number of Muslim hosts have entered the field, discussing everything from faith and family to dating and student life. Here are five of our favourite podcasts.

  1. Freshly Grounded: Hosted by British-Muslim entrepreneurs Faisal and Sam, this show launched back in 2017. It’s a casual, laid-back listen, each episode linking Muslim faith to a range of topics, from popular culture to business and current affairs. Faisal and Sam are often joined by well-known guests like New Zealand rugby star Sonny Bill Williams and professional gamer Ben Iqra. New episodes are released every Friday on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

  2. Brit-ish Muslim Girl Diaries: Amal and Zara, two self-described “Brit-ish” Muslims in their early 30s, share their experiences of growing up in the UK and moving abroad as single women — one to Uganda, the other to the US. Their long personal friendship helps to create a friendly and engaging show that many young Muslim women will relate to. Listen on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

  3. The Word Affairs: Hosted by a young biomedical student named Kaiynath Rabnawaz, this show discusses subjects such as Islam, society, mental health and academia from a frank and open-minded perspective. The series will be of particular value to young people juggling study and the everyday reality of being Muslim in the UK. New episodes are released every Friday on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

  4. Pirates and a Caribbean: In this show, three London-based Black Muslim women of Somali and Caribbean heritage discuss everything from relationships to faith and pop culture. Their easy-flowing and humorous conversations are sure to resonate with listeners looking for a show filled with opinions and good humour. Episodes are released every Tuesday on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

  5. Grappling with Life: Tech entrepreneur and martial arts enthusiast Mohammed Yahiaoui hosts engaging conversations covering topics including physical training, men‘s health and fatherhood. He is joined by friends and guests, such as mountaineer and runner Aklakur Rahman, the first British Muslim to climb mount Everest and the founder of Muslim History Tours, AbdulMaalik Tailor. Listen on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

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